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Paddleboarding: Lessons

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Let us share the magic of SUP with you. Offering lessons, tours and rentals for all levels, ages 7yrs +

SUP Group


Where the Fun Begins and Adventure never ends

Lessons for all levels, from complete beginners up to those wanting to train harder or specialise into surfing, racing and touring. 


Level Zero to Paddle Hero lessons and our Fun & Fit Sessions are the perfect lesson for  beginners - covering all the basics, or for experienced paddlers, a great way to stay in shape, and hone those fundamentals whilst getting ut into the serenely beautiful and unique saltmarsh. 


Safety and Rescue Skills covers how to look after yourself and others in case of emergency. Suitable for all levels of paddlers wanting to up their skills and enhance their safety on the water.  No previous paddle experience is necessary.

•  Sea Skills 'Get your Sea legs' and sometime surf introduces novice paddlers and those with experience to the sea. Covering tides, waves, swell and shore dump, we look at the unique skills needed to navigate and love SUP in the sea and tidal areas . When we can, we will also have a look at starting to surf. (if its glassy flat, we will look at the skills, but wont be able to practise on actual waves, but often we have perfect ankle snapper waves to play with)  


SUP Tour, Explore & Guide Skills: SUP Freedom: suitable for paddlers who are comfortable on their board.  Learn to plan your own SUP adventures on a session covering the basics of planning, risk assessments, legalities and liabilities, tide, river flow & weather forecasting and guiding skills, before putting it into practise  on a great tour & Explore  Social SUP through the sceneic Saltmasrhes, picturesque harbour and sea ) according to conditions..  

SUP in Blue Waters


Escape the Crowds!

Slipping away into the serene saltmarsh, playing in the sea getting closer to nature and further away from the real world; paddleboarding is the ultimate escapism!

Join us as we fill our souls with perfect moments and  golden memories in the fresh salty air, under the bog Norfolk Skies along the  uniquely beautiful NW Norfolk coastline . 

Saltmarsh Taster Tours : No experience required: 2 hours starting with 30 minutes covering all you need to know to paddle through the the tour safely and enjoyably and then 90 minutes drifting, smiling, relaxing and giggling through the beatitiful Salmarsh

Low Tider Tours: A totally unique and playful tour exploring a normally unseen wild side of Norfolk at Low tide. Heading out. the ebbing tide we paddle where we can and port (carry) our boards a little (max 15m at once)  out to the secret swimming holes, before paddling further out to meet the tide and ride it back in like conquering heroes. Suitable for all levels! 

• Saltmarsh & Sea Safari: A longer tour getting, deeper into nature and exploring further, for paddlers with some prior experience (as a rule of thumb, you shudl ne able to steer (ish)  and  paddle standing or kneeling comfortably for 2 hours) 

• Sunset & Dawn Tours - all the magic of accessing our inner wild child and  getting closer to nature that is there is  in the standard tours, but with the added sparkle of stunning sunsets or the stillness of dawn. 

• Sunset and Starlit Swim: on some very special and rare convergences of moon, sun, tide and weather we can paddle out and back in the setting sun before having an unforgettable summer starlit swim. 

Aerial Image of SUP


Your Holiday | Your Paddle | Your Adventure

Book for the whole day (or longer) and take our board wherever you like to explore as you please. 
Or, book for the tide and collect from Brancaster Staithe Harbour ready to head out right on site to enjoy the salty air and sea!

Paddleboarding: Lessons
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