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Born from a desire to bring the joy of exploring the Norfolk coast by sea to everyone!
Brancaster Boards is passionate about getting out on the water, reconnecting to nature, recharging our batteries, loving life and sharing the joy with everyone!

We offer :

- Beginner lessons

- Longer tours

- Social events

- Short term rentals

- Long term rentals with a concierge service
- B2B rentals to help local businesses bring the magic of Vitamin Sea to their clients!

- Corporate experiences

Being enthusiastic about developing the SUP and watersports community all along the NW Norfolk coast, we have excellent links with neighbouring SUP schools, and we work closely with everyone to develop a thriving, friendly and SUPer social community. 

So even if we are fully booked, we will work to help you find a school that is available, and we are happy to answer any of your paddling questions! 

Brancaster Boards, is accredited with the WSA. 

All instructors working with us are fully trained, qualified and accredited with national accrediting and governing bodies. We are happy to share our qualifications and corresponding insurance. For your safety we recommend only using schools with these accreditations.  

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Lou edge 2.jpeg


SUP Instructor and Guide

Total watersports badass and uber friendly lady!



SUP Director

A ball of energy, enthusiasm and  professionalism, Annalisa has more than 2 decades of watersports experience as an instructor, international competitor, and watersports ambassador.
She brings an unbridled passion for SUP and the positive impacts of a daily dose of vitamin sea, combined with generations of local knowledge to make sure you have the best SUP experience possible.

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