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Our equipment is only available to rent.

Every few years we sell old stock - its always good condition. We will announce this on our social media pages. 

Alternatively Andy Holland at SUPSLIFE (based NW norfolk) holds a wide range of stock so can fit you up with a perfect board for you and what you want to achieve. 

Northshore SUP & Surf also stock Jimmy Lewis boards - elite high end specialist boards for surfing, touring, racing  or an allrounder. 


Wetsuits are best on all but the hottest of days. Falling in and having a splash about s part of the fun and its more comfortable in a wetsuit

Otherwise, sporty clothes, layers that you don't mind getting wet. Plus a waterproof bag wth some dry clothes that you can bring on the board - this way we can change if you get a little too wet and chilly. 

Footwear - Feet WILL get wet, there is no avoiding it. Spring  (when the water is very cold) - wetsuit boots or trainers with sandwich bags in to keep your feet dry) Summer - wetsuit  boots / wet shoes / plimsolls / trainers. It is also okay to wear flip flops across the stones and then go barefoot on the board. Bring a karabiner clip or piece of string to tie them on. 

A hat as per the weather ( I like a cap because it keeps the sun out of my eyes, rain off my face and heat in my head. I use one wth a strap so if i topple in, it doesn't come flying off and sink. 

Sunglasses (with a strap, or be prepared to lose them) 

Camera / Phone - not advised unless you have a very good waterproof case and strap. We will try to take some photos for you (if you do not wish to be on our website / social media, please let us know) 

If its raining / windy, a waterproof cagoule makes things more comfy.

Sun cream - always. 

Water (essential) and a snack - fruit / a chocolate bar (not essential but really nice and a great energy hit halfway!).


Because of our location, our beginner lessons are also great if you can already paddle but aren't sure about the area / tides. 

Our Social Events and Tours are also suitable for all abilities - but they are longer, so a degree of fitness / sportiness is required. 


There are loads of amazing accommodation options in the area, here are some of the closest. - camping and hostel and van camping 610 gorgeous holiday cottages across Norfolk

The Dial House - Brancaster Staithe Harbour

The White Horse, The Jolly Sailors and The Ship Inn are the three closest pubs with great accommodation, food and drinks! 

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