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Apply for a Grant from FLOAT

We consider grant applications at 2 points in the year - January and September, Though if there is a time pressure and there are funds available, we will expedite an application where possible. 

Here are the guidelines:                   

  1. Grant applications can be for anything that would help address unequal representation in professional outdoor watersports

  2. This could be from ( e.g.) ;

    1. An individual for support in starting a career. eg.

      1. help with training costs and courses, competition entrance fee costs or kit cost

    2. An organisation setting up a project to help address unequal representation in professional outdoor adventure sport. Eg

      1. Funding for free training for under-represented groups

  3. There are two type of grant available;

    1. Non repayable grants: these grants – suitable for one-off costs of either competing or training. Eg Kit costs, petrol costs.

    2. Repayable grants where grants facilitate future earning potential, we ask that you consider repaying so that the next person can benefit. For example, grants covering course and training costs for employment.

  4.  Your application should detail;

    1. Who are you, what’s your sport, what you want to do?

    2. Your contact details;

    3. How much you would like, and why this amount (please be cognisant of our available funds - appox £1000 a year for several people) 

      1. What it is for?

      2. How it will help you?

      3. What inequality does your participation address in your sport? How will this grant help address an inequality? It would be best to be able to demonstrate with figures, and inequality – eg, last year the prize money for women was x and for men was y, or, “in this sport, 80% of instructors are male, women are under represented,” or, “BAME are significantly under represented in magazines in this sport and this project will generate X amount of coverage.

      4.  Are you willing / able to repay the grant in the future? How and when?

      5. Are you willing / able to promote the foundation as you participate? How?

      6. Grant applications will be considered by the trustees from opening to closing dates of applications, and then on an ongoing basis if funds are left. There is no obligation to grant all funds and fund distribution will be based on applications.

  5.  Each grant application will be considered on its own merits, but where a choice must be made (eg due fund limitations), preference will be given to, (in no order of preference;)

    1. Grants that seem to have the most capacity for positive impact per pound.

    2.  Applicants that have demonstrated likelihood of success through commitment and ability.

    3. Those applications that can be repaid, as it means the next person can also benefit.

  6. Applications can be in written format, include pictures or not, or be by video / spoken recording. But whichever format you choose, you should cover the same information. No preference will be given to either. We are not deciding applications on your ability to give a great presentation – we would simply ask that you tell us, in whatever way is easiest for you, why you’d like some money and why it would be a good idea for you to have it (given the aims of the foundation).

  7. Applicants are welcome (and encouraged to)  to contact the Foundation to discuss an application prior to applying, if they wish.

  8. Applications should be addressed To The Trustees and sent by email with "BBF: name, sport, grant amount, date", in the subject headline. EG BBF: A. Surname: SUP: £50: 03/2022

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07810 77 55 33


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